Platinum Services of Our Construction Accounting Software

Platinum Service is our premier service that will ensure you will always receive the fastest response to your questions and the absolute lowest prices on products and training. With Platinum Service, you can be assured that your construction management investment is maximized and protected!

Personal Services Analyst Team

No going through a Response Center that routes your call to who knows where or determines the importance of your call or bounces you around from one mysterious voice to another.

Your Personal Service Team is made up of two ISS Certified Analysts. Your team members get to know and get to understand your business. You won't have to be bothered with "re-introducing" yourself every time you call.

Lower Prices

Receive generous discounts on all new products, new releases, face-to-face training, web-based training, and all services.

Additional Discounts for Continuous Service

Earn additional discounts based on the number of consecutive years of subscribing to User Services (good for product purchases, seminars, and training).

  • 2 – 3 consecutive years 25%
  • 4 – 5 consecutive years 40%
  • 6 plus 50%

Toll-Free 800 Phone Lines Direct to Your Service Team

Unlimited telephone consultation with your Service Team. As a Platinum Service Subscriber, you won’t run out of service time because there is NO TIME LIMIT on the amount of service you use.

Internet Software Support

Our web-based software support capability allows you and your Service Analyst to see the same thing at the same time and, upon an invitation from you, allow the Service Analyst access to your ISS software.

Non-Business Hours Service

Telephone consultation and training. This service is available by appointment.

User Service Web

Free download of updates and enhancements.

Find solutions to errors and answers to commonly asked questions.

Maximize Your Service Investment

Get a copy of our software for your accountant.

Receive e-mail notification of updates and new products and services.

Knowing the Difference: ISS vs. Software Data Review

ISS offers Data Review services to our users as part of our Platinum Service. Data Review is an examination of your data by our support specialists to help ensure that you are using the ISS Construction Manager in a way that will maximize its effectiveness. Examples of areas that are addressed in our Data Review program are as follows:

  • An examination of your Balance Sheet and Income Statement formats to ensure that they are set up properly and designed to accurately reflect your company's financial position.
  • A review of your Chart of Accounts to ensure that all appropriate accounts are included and that the chart is organized to acceptable accounting practices.
  • An examination of your General Ledger Trial Balance report that includes such items as:
    • Insuring that all money present in work-in-process (WIP) accounts is designated by job.
    • Verifying that all accounts have 'normal' balances and flagging any that do not.
    • Identifying expense accounts that have job identifiers as these could represent mispostings that should have been posted to work-in-process (WIP) accounts.
    • Comparing Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable general ledger balances to open Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable invoices to ensure that all payables and receivables are being properly recorded.
  • An examination of your Cash Flow of Active Jobs to determine if jobs are being closed in a timely manner.
  • An examination of your general Housekeeping practices to determine if data is moved to history in a timely fashion.

ISS will provide you with the best construction accounting software functionality combined with the best construction management software functionality in one integrated, easy to use and scalable package. Along with our software, you'll get the very best service available within an atmosphere that is friendly and professional. You'll have the construction accounting information you need.

ISS software is used by residential and commercial builders, developers, general contractors, remodelers, a number of construction-related trades, and some non-construction related businesses.

We have users located in all 50 states of the US and several other countries.

Industry Specific Software

ISS commits to not only providing the best construction accounting software, but also top quality customer service. Every customer matters to us.

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