Features of Our Construction Accounting Software

ISS Construction Manager is our fully integrated accounting/job management package with support for multiple companies and divisions (departments). ISS Construction Manager can be run on a single computer or in a network environment.

ISS Construction Manager Version 6 is based on the SQL Server Platform (not required). This release includes the new Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE), a scaled-down version of SQL Server designed for a single user computer or network with an average of 5 simultaneous users. For people who need a stable heavy duty networking configuration, this provides a seamless migration path to SQL Server because ISS Construction manager will run under SQL Server with no modifications required.




  • Record electronic payments
  • Set up recurring bank drafts
  • Write joint checks
  • Positive Pay/Secure Pay
  • Apply cash on account
  • Record funds transferred from one bank account to another
  • Perform bank reconciliation

ISS banking is designed to meet your financial needs. By combining our banking expertise with our software, we have created an advanced and reliable system. To take advantage of the benefits ISS Banking has to offer you and your business or if you need more information, call ISS at 800-735-6176 or 864-297-7086.

accounts payable

Accounts Payable

  • Never overpay an invoice again.
  • Save time with a one-time entry of recurring payments.
  • Take charge of your subcontractor Workers' Comp and Liability Insurance expiration date warnings.
  • Stay on top of your discounts.
  • Track lien waivers to know if a lien waiver is outstanding or if it has been signed and returned.
  • Place a subcontractor or supplier on hold.
  • Know who has uncompleted warranty work.
  • If a subcontractor's workers' compensation or liability insurance has expired, the expiration dates will be displayed in red when you go into "Invoice Entry."
  • Calendar year-end closing for 1099 purposes is simple, quick, and straightforward.
  • Take control over how much and when you pay.


accounts receivable

Accounts Receivable

  • Create a receivable from the Time & Material Billing, AIA Draw Request, and the Cost Plus Billing functions.
  • Keep the cash flowing. Know who to bill and when to bill them.
  • Print invoices and statements on demand.
  • Bill from a standard product file.
  • Maintain customer billing and payment histories.
  • Use ISS reports for cash-flow planning.
  • Create recurring billings.
  • Create late charges.


general ledger

ISS General Ledger

ISS General Ledger gives you a better way to handle your finances. It . . .

  • Requires no month-end closings.
  • Provides automatic entries when checks are voided or reactivated and invoices are deleted or corrected.
  • Allows prior period entries and postings to be done simply.
  • Keeps information for as many fiscal years as you want.
  • Produces financial reports on demand.
  • Shows any account balance with just a simple click.
  • Handles recurring journal entries.
  • Gives you the ability to enter budgets for accounts.
  • Requires no secret knowledge to get you through the fiscal year-end closing.
  • Handles the accounting differences for different types of jobs with ease.


Job Management

ISS gives you the knowledge you need to be profitable.

  • Design job files your way.
  • Play "what if" with your job budgets.
  • Perform historical estimating.
  • End surprises from your subcontractors.
  • Track change orders.
  • Produce AIA (American Institute of Architects) draw request information.
  • Generate Contractor's Affidavits.
  • Automatically calculate and post general ledger entries for jobs on the percent-complete method of accounting.
  • Know at all times exactly where you stand on all your jobs.
  • Update job budgets from estimating with a few clicks of the mouse.


subcontractor management

Subcontractor Management

Stay in Control

End surprises from your subs. Track quotes from subcontractors and payments against these quotes. Subcontract management works with accounts payable. At invoice entry, if the invoice being entered will cause the quote to be exceeded, ISS will notify you. You decide whether or not to cancel the invoice or enter the invoice. After all, you're the boss.

ISS will provide you with the best construction accounting software functionality combined with the best construction management software functionality in one integrated, easy to use and scalable package. Along with our software, you'll get the very best service available within an atmosphere that is friendly and professional. You'll have the construction accounting information you need.

ISS software is used by residential and commercial builders, developers, general contractors, remodelers, a number of construction-related trades, and some non-construction related businesses.

We have users located in all 50 states of the US and several other countries.

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ISS commits to not only providing the best construction accounting software, but also top quality customer service. Every customer matters to us.

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